Saturday, February 28, 2015


                                        Hair  Pelle  Nico Darck Brown   NEWW
                                        Outfti ADN LADY LOUISE (100% MESH) Coat,Head Chain,
                                        Piercing Cross Lip Ring,Piercing Nose.
                                        Shoes #187# Ilou Straps (Ilou Slink HUD) NEWW


                               LOOK 1 >>>>> Outfit [DM] Cissa  (Includes: Bracelet,Top,Pants,Shoe Slink)
                                                           Appliers:Lolas tango,Phat Azz,Banned.

                              LOOK 2 >>>>>  Hair Tamelles  Mariska (Hud  Fades,Fantasy, Naturals
                                                           Catsuit  Supernatural  Anne Floral (All Applier,Slink Applier
                                                           Tpm Applier)
                                                           Shoes [LaVian&C0] Adriana (Hud Collor)

Thursday, February 26, 2015


    LOOK 1 >>>>> Hair Tamelles Stevie - Mega Pack (unpacked) Hud Fady,Fantasy,Naturals. NEW
                               Outift Vips Creations Female - [Simply Love]-[Slink Shoes]. Neww
                               Pose Luxury  Vicent

LOOK 2 >>>>>> Hair  Damselfly  Free Group Gift
                              Jennings Beret * Xen's Hats Chocolat (Mesh)
                              Outift Vips Creations Bullet My Valentine[Shirt] Incluid Boots Neww

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


                                                  Hair  Pelle Miranda Blonde
                                                  Horns Inkside  Unissex   with 6 Textures Changer HUD
                                                  Mask Chimeric  Tropical wood  (Brown)
                                                  Body  Sheer PrincessD   Tpm Black
                                                  Pose Luxury Isis
                                                  Boots Fresh  Leo Ankle  * brown*

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


                     LOOK 1 >>>> Hair  EXile
                                              Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS & STUFF The Crucifix  Boob Applier
                                              Boudoir   I<3F Suit (Exclusive TUMF) Hud
                                              Shoes  HouseOfShoes  Chanel Leather Plateau Pumps [SLINK High]
                                              Pose Vestige  bombshell

                 LOOK 2>>>>    HeadBand  Macabre  Vine Rose'S Red
                                            Hair  Tamelles Hair  Zoe ( Hud )
                                            Wings Supernatural Fallen Angel Red (Gacha)
                                             Neckalce #187#  Moustache
                                            Bra Black Belleza Helena
                                            Leggings  PrincessD  High  Black (Body Hud,Slink Applier,Body Upper)
                                            +MC+Myuuki Macabre Rosae Red

Monday, February 23, 2015


                                         Glasses Hot Fuss " Throwback " Glasses - Red Tortoise
                                         Hoodie  Hot Fuss  Bjorn Arctic FEMALE
                                         Hair  Sweetheart
                                         Pants GΛƬIƬ@ STORE  Spike mesh Hud Pants
                                         Shoes PrincessD   Glamour Heels Skull GOLD
                                         Pose EmmePose  My doggy

Saturday, February 21, 2015


                                                   LOOK 1 >>>>  Hair X  Rager
                                                              Ball Inkside  Gag  Color Changer HUD
                                                              Body Shay Ch's  White ( TPM)
                                                               Pose Luxury  Vicent
                                                              Shoes ** liline's fayrie *  Leana Outch! TMP

                                               LOOK 2>>>> Hair  Calico  Daphne Hud
                                                                       Wave Black Impose Top,Shirt
                                                                       Boots ::JK Style: Veronica Black
                                                                       Pose Vestige Camila                                    

Thursday, February 19, 2015


          LOOK 1 >>>> Hair  [LoQ'ue]  Lager
                                   Sunglasses  ::KRALUS:: Just Beachie Black Rose
                                   Tatoo  INKSIDE Death Skull (Boob Applier,Slink Applier)
                                   Bikini ::KRALUS:: Just Beachie : Red/Black Stripes
                                   Shoes [DM] Peeptoe Flower Red  "Pepper"
                                   Phone [DM]  Case Red  (GACHA)
                                   Pose Vestige Astrea

         LOOK 2 >>>> Headband  Macabre   Vine Rose'S Purple 
                                  Bikini InsoMnia Store  Set ( Hud Texture)
                                  Stole InsoMnia Store  Fur Mesh (Hud Texture)
                                  +MC+Myuukii Macabre  Rosae Purple  (Left,Hight)

                                  Pose Vestige  Selfie (Incluid mobile)
                                  Piercing  Impose


                      LOOK 1 >>>>>> Hair  *Soonsiki F.Bomb *Browns*
                                                    Jewelry set  GeWunjo   MAISY
                                                    Dress HEYDRA    Giana Red
                                                    Bracelet A.K Body Shop  Glamour Bracelet  White
                                                    Shoes PrincessD Glamour Heels Skull SILVER
                                                    Pose EmmePose My Morning (Incluid: Cup Off Coffee)

                   LOOK 2 >>>>>>  Hair  [enVOGUE] Clarissa - Dark Browns
                                                  Earring GeWunjo     Stella
                                                  Mona Dress Tenue  Liline's fayrie  (Incluind: Bag,Bangle,
                                                  Necklace,Shoes Slink High. NEWWWW
                                                  Pose Vestige Lolla

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


                 Hair Tameless Hair & Avatars  Beatice Naturals (Freebie) Hud Collor
                 Diadem & Necklace GeWunjo MAISY jewelry set  Hud
                 Top and Waist ShortsA.K Body Shop Retro Dark
                 Jacket [LaVian&C0]    Back To Black Bagged Hud Texture
                 Boots HouseOfShoes  Anika Leather ( Hud Collor)
                 Pose Vestige  Camila


                                                Hair *Dura-Boys&Girls*50(Black)
                                                Necklace UNISEX[MANDALA]SHAKA
                                                Ears  (MALE)_[MANDALA]TAPER
                                                Coat InsoMnia Store Men's Woolen Texture/Color HUD
                                                Pants ADN BRAWLER
                 Model Connor Kitai Morfelle.

Monday, February 16, 2015


                     Dress [LaVian&C0]  FW2015 Love Is A Camera Bagged
                     Pose Luxury Melt
                     Hair Calico Melora  (Hud Collor)
                     Jewelry set GeWunjo STELLA  HUD

Sunday, February 15, 2015


                                       Hat Xen's  Valentine Headband White Mesh
                                       Glasses Hot Fuss   Hot Fuss "Bjorn" Hoodie - Arctic FEMALE
                                        Ball Gag Inkside  Color  Changer HUD
                                        Hair Pelle Miranda Berry
                                        Bracelet A.k Body Shop  Glamour (Gacha) 30l$ Pct (4 Color)
                                        Outfti Tameless Hair & Avatares  Bitch-Slap (Incluid;) Socks,
                                        Top,Shorts,Leg Tatoo,Boots. HUD Applier.
                                        Pose Emmepose  My Car ( Ferrari F-43 Red edition Drivable)

Friday, February 13, 2015


    LOOK 1>>>>> Outfti Christal Creations Leopardo - Barrio Queen (Multi Hud Clothes) Hud
                               Banned,Eve V8.2,Omega,Maitreya.

  Look 2>>>>>> Outfti Christal Creations  Maitresse - Blue  (Multi Hud Clothes) HUD
                            Banned,Eve V8.2,Omega,Maitreya.

    Participation: Kareen Stoner

Thursday, February 12, 2015


     LOOK 1>>>>>>                             Dress Eyelure Knit GreeN
                                                              Boots Supernatural Lethal White

    LOOK 2>>>>>                              Hair > Asset < Bedhead Hair Black (Hud Collor)
                                                           Nose Chain #187# Scarabee Silver
                                                           Diamond CHRISTAL Dildo Black
                                                           Outfti Sweet Temptations Biker Girl (Shirt Belt y Vest )
                                                           Streep Feet Macabre Black ( Event)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


          Outfti ADN IMAGINE (MESH & Appliers ONLY for undie & tatoo (Incluid):
          Dress,Bracelets,Head Piece,Piercing nose,piercng,Undie,Tatoo,Shoes Feet.
          Pose VESTIGE Walk with me (box)
          Participation: Marcos Vinicius

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


               LOOK 1>>>>>   Body Mine Ch's Designs  Red (incluid) TPM Applier,Socks,
                                           Lower Body,Upper Body.
                                           Pose Luxury  Isis
                                           Hats  Xen's  Red
                                           SLINK FINGERZ & TOEZ POSH PIXELS Couture
                                           Shoes EccentriciXi  F Patsy for Slink

           LOOK 2 >>>>>   Outfti Vips Creations Valentine Fairy[Cardigan]Incluid: Boots
                                         Pose EXPOSES Female Model

Monday, February 9, 2015


                                   Hair Tamelles Hair Abela - Mega Pack (unpacked) NEW
                                   Skin WoW Skins  Aleida Milk ALL Installer Tones
                                   Top Missnoise  BACKDROP TANK TOP METALLICA (unpacked)
                                   Pants Eyelure Campus Sweats  ALmost White
                                   Gloves Inkside Unisex Leather Gloves w/ 4 clean-4 bloody textures
                                   Shoes N & K    Plataform Heels
                                   Makeup Pelle  lipstick purple

Sunday, February 8, 2015


                      LOOK 1>>>>>>>>> Outffit GAALL Bussines (INCLUID) Dress,Shoes,
                                                          Spiked Bow Tie. Hud Texture Changer.
                                                          Pose EXPOSES Female Model.

                    LOOK 2 >>>>>>>>> Outffit ...::: Christal Creations Vip :::...  Ancaconda
                                                        Mini Dress;Incluid>>>Gold Pant,Gold top,Gloves,
                                                        HUD.Maitreya,Eve,Banned,Omega,Mesh Panel Slink
                                                        Pose VESTIGE  Bombshell
                                                        Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS & STUFF The Crucifix
                                                        Mask CHIMERIC Branching Skull (Black&white)

Saturday, February 7, 2015


                LOOK 1>>>>> Catsuit A.K Body Shop Sexy Cat  Yellow TPM
                                           Piece Supernatural Street of love exclusive Yellow
                                           Shoes HouseOfShoes Nowia Platform Sandals High Heels [SLINK High]

             LOOK 2 >>>> Batwing  InsomNia Cardigan COLOR HUD
                                      Bandeal ::She's::  Bikine White
                                      Shoes N & K  White And Black


                                     Sora SUPERNATURAL Red,Black
                                     Necklace #187#   I love you
                                     Shoes TDStyle black skull red BIXCON

Friday, February 6, 2015


               LOOK 1 >>>> Bloomers and Leggings [BOOB-LiSH]   pink / White.
                                        Cup #187#    Soda Pink ( 10 l$)
                                        Gloves Inkside  Unisex Leather Gloves w/ 4 clean-4 bloody textures HUD
                                        Straps & Flowers #187#    Hud Collor

           LOOK 2 >>>>  Body Supernatural Daphne White.
                                     Cup #187#       Soda  Red ( 10 l$)
                                     Gloves Inkside  Unisex Leather Gloves w/ 4 clean-4 bloody textures HUD
                                     Straps & Flowers #187#        Hud Collor

Thursday, February 5, 2015


                   Outifti INSOMNIA    Love Me Full ; Included : Earring,Blouse,Necklace,
                                                        Pants,Shoes. Hud Text Blouse,Hud Text Pants.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


    LOOK 1 >>>>> Outifti ADN TIE ME ! (Appliers Included)Bodysuit Lower,Bodysuit Upper
                                Collar,Leg Strap,Spiked,Headband,Strap warmer.

   LOOK 2 >>>>> Outifti A.K BODY SHOP The Best in Black (Applier Included) Glass,
   Shoes,Scarf,Bodysuit Lower,Bodysuit upper,Bracelet,Tatoo Feet Tpm.


    POSE>>>>>> VESTIGE Camila.
    SHOES IZZIE STYLE Lisa Pumps For Slink High White
    NECKLACE #187# I Love You

   LOOK 2 >>>>Shirt SUPERNATURAL Hipster
                           Short SUPERNATURAL Hipster
                           Shoes ~EccentriciXi Torie
                           Glasses #187#   Aviator  HUD

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


    LOOK 1 >>>>> Outifti  LOVECATS Cersei gown set Blood - wear to unpack
    Incuind: Corset,Necklace Cersei ,Shoe,Sleeves,Tiara,Belt,Tango Applier HUD.

    LOOK 2 >>>>>Dress MIRUS Out Of Mind rigged mesh
    Shoes >>>>>>> SUPERNATURAL Princess - SILVER

Monday, February 2, 2015


     PANT #187#  Pietra  Hud Texure Collor
     Barbed #187# Wire Feet Slink Applier

Sunday, February 1, 2015


           AVATAR 1*~Lady's Design~*  Querida >>>>>Incluid: Shape,Skin,Makeup

          AVATAR 2 *~Lady's Design~* Angela >>>>>>Incluid: Shape,Skin Mocha,Fair,
          Natural,Pale,Sunkssied,Tan.Makeup ,Eyes,Teeth Prim,Lolas Applier.


                                     Tatoo INKSIDE Chaoss (Tattoo Bobb Applier,Slink
                                     Hand Applier)
                                     Bimbo Beach ADN Incluid: Bikine,Bangles,String--
                                     Collar,Thig whit cross,Sunglasses,Piercing nose-----
                                     Nails. HUD APPLIERS.