Monday, August 31, 2015

#371# Tameless & Dm & Pizazz & Belleposes

                                                              Hair Tameless  Birdie (All Colours)
                                                              Lipstick Lips & Eyeshadow  Bedroon Pizazz For Lelutka
                                                                                           Head Mesh (Neww)
                                                              Outift DM  Dafne (Neww)
                                                              Pose BellePoses  Moon Balloon
                                              Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                              Login Sl ; Celinawx

Saturday, August 29, 2015

#370# Emotions & Vips Creations & Overlow Poses

                                                    Hair Emotions   Frida V2 (All colours) Neww
                                                    Outfit  Vips Creations  The Little Princess (Neww)
                                                     Pose Overlow  Pck 1
                                                 Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                                 Login Sl : Celinawx

Friday, August 28, 2015

#369# Delirium & Callico & Awear & Overlow Poses

                                       Bow Delirium  My Hair (Hud) Neww
                                       Hair Calico  Caden  (All Colours)
                                       Outfit  Awear  Lexi (Necklace,Bracelet ,Earring,Shoes) Hud Apllier
                                                                           (Omega,Maitreya) Shoes Maitreya,Slink,Tmp,
                                                                                                           Belleza ) Neww
                                      Pose Overlow  Pck 60 Selfie (Neww)
                                      Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                      Login SL : Celinawx

Thursday, August 27, 2015

#368# Emotions & Gewunjo & Eyelure & Overlow Poses & Sukitita

                                             Hair Emotions  Gretel ( All Colours) Neww
                                             Jewerly Set Gewunjo  Cora ( Earring & Necklace & Bracelet & Hud)
                                             Dress & MiniShorts  Eyelure  Mint Stripe (Neww)
                                             Pose Overlow  Pck 60 Selfie (Neww)
                                             Shoes  Sukitita Harah
                                       Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                       Login Sl : Celinawx

#367# Pelle & Deliriuns Style & Awear & #187# A.k Body Shop Exclusive Boutiques Fair & Persefona

                                                  Hair  Pelle  Greta Mesh (Black)
                                                  Head Tatoo Awear  Small Head Mesh Lelutka
                                                  Earring Persefona  Fave Feather (Hud)
                                                  Open Tank Delirium  Black F.u.c.k (Neww)
                                                  Necklace #187#  Tresor Mon (Exclusive ) CMP
                                                  Heels Boutiques Village  A.k Body Shop (Exclusive)
                                                  Pose Overlow  Pck 6
                                           Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                           LoginSl : Celinawx

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#366# New and exclusive products (Tameless & Pizzazz & Emotions & Della Personi & Chemical & Overlow)

                                                      Hair Tameless  Vanity   All Colours  (Neww)
                                                      EyesShadow Pizazz  Posh  For Lelutka Head Mesh  (Neww)
                                                      Lipstick Pizazz  Lips  For Lelutka Head Mesh (Neww)
                                                      Collar  Emotions  TIFFANY Event Vintage Fair (Exclusivo)
                                                      BodySuit Della Personi  Hazel  Belleza & Maitreya Hud Collors
                                                       Heels  Event Kinky    Chemical  Princess Scorpion  (Exclusive)
                                                       Bag  #187#   Cubic  Exclusive CMP
                                                       Pose Overlow  PCK 14
                                          Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                          Login Sl : Celinawx

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#365# Tameless & #187# Six Essence & Pizazz & Lavian & Overlow Poses

                                                     Hair Tameless  Uma (All Colours)
                                                      Mask #187#  Chir Mask Toxic (Hud) Neww
                                                     Top Six Essence   Sirena White (Hud Applier) Neww
                                                     Pants Pizazz  Josie Leather Club   (Hud Applier ) Neww
                                                     Boots Lavian  Cadence (Hud ) Neww
                                                     Pose Overlow  Pck 9
                                       Facebook  : Celina Kitai
                                       Login SL : Celinawx

#364# [CCV] - Hot Fashion Store & Belle Poses

                                                         Bodysuit [CCV] - Hot Fashion Store  Domme Girl (Black)
                                                                          Hud Applier ( Neww)
                                                         Pose BellePoses  Sttelar  (Neww)
                                            Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                            Login Sl : Celinawx

Monday, August 24, 2015

#363# Tameless & Twisted Glam & Lavian & Overlow Poses

                                              Hair  Tameless   Michelle (All Colours)
                                              Dress  !Twisted Glam   Skyler's Wrapped (Hud Applier) Neww
                                              Heels Lavian  Catherine Wedges  Slink (Hud ) Neww
                                              Pose Overlow  Pck 56
                                            Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                            Login Sl : Celinawx

Friday, August 21, 2015

#362# Xen's Hats & Lavian & #187# Overlow poses

                                                              Valtina Xen's Hats Red Mesh
                                                               Dress Lavian  Can't Feel My Face (Hud Texture)Neww
                                                               Heels #187#  Belle (Hud Texture) Neww
                                                               Pose Overlow  Pct 1 (Neww)
                                               Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                               Login SL : Celinawx

#361# Della Personi Liah Set Exclusive (Boutique Village Fair )

                                            Exclusive Boutique Village Fair
Liah Set Exclusive  Boutiques Village Fair Event
Hair Tameless  Thyme (All Colours)
Facebook : Celina Kitai
Login Sl: Celinawx

Thursday, August 20, 2015

#360# Emotions & Come Soon & LoveCats

                                                            Hair  Emotions  Carrie (All Colours)
                                                            Calliope gown set  Lovecats  Peach Sunrise (Slink,Tiara,Chest
                                                                                                            Piace  (Neww)
                                                             Pose Full  Scene   Come Soon  Roar (Neww)
                                                           Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                                           Login Sl : Celinawx

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#359# Pelle & #187# Mirus & Overlow Poses

                                                          Hair Pelle  Lorna Mesh Blond ( Neww)
                                                          Headchain & Flowers #187#  (Hud) Neww
                                                          Outfit Mirus  Aphrodite  w hud-fitted Maitreya TMP Slink
                                                                                                          N-Core (Neww)
                                                           Pose Overlow  Pck 1 (Neww)
                                           Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                           Login Sl : Celinawx

#358# Princess Fashion

                                Gata Citron
Outfit Princess Fashion  BURNING GIRL
Included :Jacket ,Top,Pants & Shoes ( Omega & Tmp) Neww

Monday, August 17, 2015

#357# Emotions & Persefona & Furtacor & Precious & Pizazz & Latreia & Overlow

                                                            Hair  Emotions  * KESSIE * ALL COLOURS (Neww)
                                                            Earring Persefona  Fave Feather (Pink) Neww
                                                            Top Furtacor  Heart Lace (Hud Applier,Hud Colours)Neww
                                                            Tatoo Precious  #  S03-20 (Neww)
                                                            Shorts Micro  Pizazz  Black (Hud Applier ) Neww
                                                            Shoes Latreia  Textured SLink Roxy (Neww)
                                                            Pose Overlow  1 (Gift)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

#356# Xen's Hats & Awear & Persefona & Delirium Style & A.K Body Shop & Della Personi & Come Soon

                                            Franklin Flat * Xen's Hats   Cap Black Plaid
                                             Small head  Awear  tattoo appliers lelutka mesh head
                                            Earring  Persefona  Itaki (Neww)
                                            Top Delirium Style   Fringe Tank w.HUD  (Neww)
                                            Shorts A,K Body Shop   Ripped (Hud Applier ) Neww
                                            Pants Della Personi   Elise (Maitreya & Belleza) Hud 4 Colours (Neww)
                                            Pose Full Scene Come Soon ErotiGacha  Event

Thursday, August 13, 2015

#355# Emotions & Macabre & Pizazz & Six Essence & Macabre & Come Soon

                                                                 Hair  Emotions Yve (All Colours) Neww
                                                                 Horn Hell Macabre  Double Latex (Neww)
                                                                 Lipstick Pizzaz Dramatic For Lelutka Head Mesh
                                                                 Bodysuit  Six Essence  Sexy Hollow Neww
                                                                 Heels Macabre Lena  Ncore,Slink & Maitreya
                                                                 Pose Full Scene Come Soon  My World, My Rules

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#354# Precious & Della Personi & Macabre & Come Soon

                                                        Tatoo Precious  S04-12  (Hud Applier ) Neww
                                                         Pants Della Personi  Elise (Hud Applier & Hud Texture)Neww
                                                         Heels Macabre  Lena  (TMP,N-CORE,SLINK,MAITREYA)
                                                         Pose Full Scene Come Soon   Kamikase (Neww)
                                               Facebook: Celina Kitai
                                               Login SL : Celinawx

#353# [Q]uartzo Hair & Inkside Tatoo & Chemical & Lovecats & Vestige

                                                           Hair  [Q]uartzo Hair  Christian (All Colours)
                                                           Patch Eye Inkside  8 texture Changer (Hud)
                                                           Septum Ring Chemical  Vamp (Neww)
                                                           Outfit LoveCats Beta (Hud Applier ) Neww
                                                           Pose Vestige  Modeling
                                                       Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                                       Login Sl : Celinawx

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#352# BabyDoll & Latreia

                                                                          Suit BabyDoll  Laila (Omega Applier)Neww
                                                                          Heels Latreia  Redemption  Black (Neww)
                                                              Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                                              LoginSl : Celinawx

#351# Pelle & Fresh & Lavian

                                                                Hair Pelle Rita (All Colours)
                                                                Catsuit Fresh ModernArts Teal (Omega Applier)Neww
                                                                Heels Lavian  Davinia Slink (Hud) Neww
                                                 Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                                 LoginSL : Celinawx


#350# Lust Desires >>>>>> Della Personi >>> Pearl Fashion

Gata Citron
Top Lust Desires  Etnic (Hud Applier ) Neww
Pants Della Personi  Emily (Hud Colours &Hud Apllier) Neww
Sandals  PEARL FASHION      Sami  Slink Hight
Facebook: Gata Citron
Login SL : Gata Citron

#349# Lust Desires Dress

                                      Gata Citron
                                                                  Dress Lust Desires Elisa (Neww)
                                             Facebook: Gata Citron
                                             LoginSl: Gata Citron

#348# Xen's Hats & Lust Desires

Gata Citron

                                                                   Hairband Xen's Hats  Okarche (Neww)
                                                                   Bodysuit Lust Desires  Kisses For You (Neww)
                                                      Facebook : Gata Citron
                                                      Login Sl::Gata Citron

Monday, August 10, 2015

#347# Xen's Hats & Chimeric & Mirus & Tameless & Vestige Poses

                                                             Beret Xen's Hats  Jennings Chocolate Mesh (Neww)
                                                             Mask Chimeric  Jeweled  Lad (Neww)
                                                             Hair Tameless  Amanda (All Colours)
                                                             Outift Mirus  Sixty Bullets Outfit w Hud - Heels Slink TMP
                                                             Pose Vestige  Modeling F20
                                                    Facebook ; Celina Kitai
                                                    LoginSl : Celinawx

#346# #187 # Neww Cap& Suspend & Pants & Snearks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Awear Neww Top :)

                                                           Cap #187#  Zebra Tusk White (Neww)
                                                           Suspend #187#  Swappy  Black (Neww)
                                                           Pants #187#  Swappy Leopard White (Neww)
                                                           Snearks #187#  K14 Zebra Female (Neww)
                                                           Top Awear  Fay (Hud Applier ) Neww
                                                        Facebook: Celina Kitai
                                                        LoginSl : Celinawx

Saturday, August 8, 2015

#345# A.k Body Shop & Latreia & BellePoses

                                                      Sex Body  A.K Body Shop  Leopard (Hud  Applier) Neww
                                                      Shoes  Latreia  Redemption White (Neww)
                                                      Pose BellePoses   Mariana 6
                                           Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                           LoginSl: Celinawx

#344# Tameless & Chimeric & Urban Street & Come Soon Poses

                                                      Hair Tameless   Sweet (All Colours) HairFair
                                                      Mask Chimeric  Ragged Black (Neww)
                                                      Tatoo Urban Street  Mystical Woman Darck (Hud Apllier)
                                                      Pose Full Scene Come Soon  My Love
                                                 Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                                 Login Sl : Celinawx


                                                   Gata Citron
                                                                   Outfit MMC  Lily  Hud Applier (Neww)
                                                                    Tatoo Precious S04-04 Hud Applier ( Neww)
                                                        Login Sl : Gata Citron

Friday, August 7, 2015

#342# Della Personi & Chimeric & Emotions

                                                           Mask  Chimeric  Horned Mag (White) Neww
                                                           BodySuit  Della Personi Ennuye Hud 4 Colours & Applier
                                                                                           Maitreya & Belleza (Neww)
                                                           NippleCover Emotions    Spider
                                                         Facebook: Celina Kitai
                                                         LoginSl: Celinawx