Thursday, April 30, 2015


                                                   Hair  Tameless  Cadence (Hud) Neww
                                                   Necklace Emotions   Akora
                                                   Jacket InsomniaStore   Asymetric  Neww
                                                   Pants  A.K Body Shop  Corcet  Black  Hud Applier &Hud Color 
                                                   Shoes  Lavian  Alicia Heels  (Hud)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


                                                        Hat L'Armoire ll    Mafia Grey
                                                        Hair CoCoChes  Alina  For Hud
                                                        Outift Lavian  All I Wanna  Incluid Shoes (New)



                                                   Cap #187#  Blue
                                                   Sunglasses MiSsNoIse StyLe  Carre Aqua
                                                   Tatoo Inkside  Death Skull (Boob Applier)
                                                   Bikini String Fashion  Spiked Mesh
                                                   Shoes PrincessD  Jouls Heels

Monday, April 27, 2015


                                                    Horns Deer  Pelle Grey  W Flower
                                                    Hair Alice Project   Kimberly  Mini Medley
                                                    Outifit Kraru Gaal   (Dress & Sandal) Neww
                                                     Necklace GeWunjo    Eleena Hud

Sunday, April 26, 2015


                                                                Hair  Truth Neria (Hud)
                                                                Mask Chimeric  Branching Skull Balck White
                                                                Bodysuit  RedemptionBody Pose Soft Sid (Black & Red)
                                                                                      Hud Applier  (Neww)
                                                                Pose Vestige   Covert  Affairs  21 (Neww)
                        Participacion; Larissa Goulart Congrejo

Friday, April 24, 2015


                                                Hair Tameless  Marla Exclusive (Hud) Neww
                                                Nose #187# Strap Skull ( Neww)
                                                Outift Tameless  Rock Your  World  Black (Neww)

Thursday, April 23, 2015


                                                     Cap Xen's Hats  Brando Mesh Black                                                                                                 Hair Tameless  Marla   Exclusive ( Hud) (Neww)
                                                     Glasses  Hot Fuss Torttoise Red (Unissex)
                                                      Bracelet  GeWunjo  Keira (Hud)
                                                     Mobscene Delirium Style  Suit  Hud (Neww)
                                                     Shoes  MiSsNoIse StyLe  Black For Slink  Hight

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


                                                         Fedora Xen's Hats   Copan Red (NEWW)
                                                         Hair  Truth Aria (Hud)
                                                         Gag boné  Inkside  With Color Changer Hud
                                                          Skirt InsomniaStore   Drapped
                                                          Down panties  Vendetta  Top Red (Neww)
                                                          Shoes String Fashion   Spink Zip Hight Heels  Neww
                                                          Pose Vestige   Cassiopeia   Neww


                                                         Hair Tameless  Darla (Hud) Newww
                                                         Sunglasses MiSsNoIse StyLe   Famous  Round  ( Newww)
                                                         Jacket Vendetta    Bolero Biker ( Neww)
                                                         NippleCover EmoTions  Spider (Newww)
                                                          Pants        A.K Body Shop  Waist   Group Gift
                                                         Shoes !Twisted Glam  Trap Queen Leo ( Group Gift)
                                                         Pose RedemptionBody   Phone Love (Newww)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


                                                        Hair PELLE   Rita  (Norig) Brown  Newww
                                                        Lip Eyelure    Kissable Total Pink (GIFT)
                                                        Necklace  Emotions  Aphrodite NEWW
                                                        Cardigan Gaal  Serendipity
                                                        Lingerie Supernatural   Annie Pink
                                                        Shoes Fresh   Downtown  Hights (Group Gift)
                                                        Pose Exposes   Female Model 33 (Neww)


                                                    Florielle EMO-tions   Necklace&Earring
                                                    Hair Milana  Olive &Nikota
                                                    Outifit Lavian   Just Be (Hud)
                                                    Shoes HouseOfShoes  Benita Heels
                                                    Pose Vestige  Runaway Beautiful & Twisted 17

Monday, April 20, 2015


                                                            Fedora Xen's Hats  Coffee (Mesh)
                                                            Hair Asset   Lamar (Hud)
                                                            Necklace GeWunjo   Reese (Hud) NEWW
                                                            Outifit  Breath  Mirus  (Short,Top & Boots) NEWW
                                                            Pose  RedemptionBody  ** Gangster ** NEWW 
                              Participacion : Leonhard Goulart


                                                        Tatoo Inkside Serpentia Tattoo ( Boob Applier & Hand Applier)
                                                        Bodysuit Maniac Store PinkGlum (Group Gift )Hud Applier
                                                        Shoes LiLiNe'S fAyRiE     Emy  (Hud)
                            Participacion Model: Flavia Falodir

Sunday, April 19, 2015


                                                      Hair   LoQ'ue  Lager
                                                      Jerwely Set  Emotions  Aphodite  NEWWW
                                                      Top Twisted Glam   Tinky's Ragged  White with OMEGA HUD
                                                      Jeans Twisted Glam Haley's Patches Denim  White  NEWWW
                                                      Shoes Lavian  Alissa Heels
                                                      Pose 1 Vestige  Project Runaway
                                                      Pose 2 Overlow pack 51


                                                         Hair  Alice Project  Yolanda
                                                         Outift LoveCats  Wicked Cupid
                                                         Pose Vestige   Mili & project Runaway Beautiful & Twisted

Saturday, April 18, 2015


                                                         Hair  Calico  Licia (Hud)
                                                         Outift Vips Creations  Spring (Necklace,Dress,Shoes ,
                                                                                  HandBang & Pink Gloss Pink) Newww


                                                  Hair  Tameless           Marla - Black Fashion Fair Exclusive (Neww)
                                                  SunGlasses  MiSsNoIse StyLe  Carre Zombie (Newww)
                                                  Necklace  GeWunjo  Malis (Hud) Neww
                                                  Catsuit Vendetta   Applier Belleza  (Neww)
                                                  Shoes HEYDRA  Victoria Heels Silver (Neww)

Friday, April 17, 2015


                                               Outfith Sweet Temptations  Gold Temptation (Neww)
                                               Pose Vestige Now  Versace (Neww)

Thursday, April 16, 2015


                                                        Headband Xen's Hats  White  Valentine
                                                        Hair Tameless  Sweet (Hud)
                                                        Top & Mini Shorts  L'Armoire ll Mainstore  Ripped &Tattered
                                                        Stocking Fresh  Half Fishnet Black
                                                        Shoes  Рʀіиᴄᴇss D  Jouls Heels WHITE (Neww)
                                                        Pose Vestige  Cassiopeia (Neww)


                                                  Beanie  Delirium Style Atittude  Studded
                                                  Glasses #187# Aviator
                                                  Outfith FORMIS DESIGNE Nick Purple
                                                  Boots Alonis Fashion Neko  Slink Right

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


                                                          Hair  Moom Isolation (Hud) Group Gift
                                                          Bodysuit A.K Body Shop  Basic
                                                          Skirt Maniac Store  Dreams Mesh White
                             Participacion Model : Flavia Falodir


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


                                                            Hair  EMO-tions  IMANI *  (Hud Color) Neww
                                                            Tatoo Inkside Shooting Star  Boob Applier
                                                            Dress & Shoes  Vaxer Delightful Classic (Neww)
                                                            Pose EmmePose    Girl set

Monday, April 13, 2015


                                                                  Jennings Xen's Hats Berets Chocolate
                                                                  Hair Pelle  Miranda
                                                                  Glasses #187# Aviatos (Hud)
                                                                  Bone INKSIDE TATTOOS  Gag with Color Changer HUD
                                                                  Dress FurtaCor  Tight Electric (Neww)
                                                                  Leggings Twisted Glam    Sliding OMBRE (Neww)
                                                                  Platforms Delirium Style  Tinky
                                                                  Pose Luxury  Naomi

Sunday, April 12, 2015


                                                      Mask Chimeric   Fashion Carved  Wood White
                                                      Necklace  GeWunjo  Lisanne (HUD)
                                                      Cute Body Grey FRESH     & Half Fishnet Stocking White
                                                      Shoes Dakota  Jade  Right
                                                      Pose Vestige  Cove It


                                              Hair  little bones. Feline - FULL GIFT
                                              AvaWay Gray #1 New Temptation Eyes
                                              Lipgloss A.K Body Shop  Sexy Appeal
                                              Crazy Girl A.k Body Shop  Outfit  New
                                              Pose Vestige Runaway String
   Participacion  Model : Flavia Falodir 

Saturday, April 11, 2015


                                                  Headband  #187# Roses & Spikes  Pink (Neww)
                                                  Hair  Elua Beth
                                                  Shirt &Skirt &BackBag #187# Vampire & Snearks Rock
                                                     Exclusive items (Neww)
                                                  Soda #187#  Cup Pink
                                                  Girl Doll A.K Body Shop (Skin, Shape and Mesh Head - Milk)
                                                  Pose  Vestige  Sexy Bunny  (Neww)

Friday, April 10, 2015


                                       Hair Tameless  Michely (Hud Incluid) Neww
                                       Skin  Pelle Sabina Ebone  (Hud Applier ) Neww
                                       Strap #187# Nose  Skull (Neww)
                                       Bone Gag INKSIDE TATTOOS & STUFF  Wite Color Changer Hud  Neww
                                       Dress  Twisted Glam MCkenzies Net Black  (Hud Applier) Neww
                                       PixelStockings [I<3F]   Exclusive  Black  Neww
                                       Shoes  House of Shoes  Benita  Hight Heels  (Hud Color)
                                       Necklace GeWunjo  Eleena  (Hud) Neww
                                       Pose Vestige  Now Versace Neww


                                    Tatoo      INKSIDE TATTOOS              Serpentia  Boob Applier
                Participacion Model : Flavia Falodir

Thursday, April 9, 2015


                                                  Hair Emotions   Imani NEWWW (HUD &Hairbase)
                                                  Jewerly Set GeWunjo   Keira (Earring,Necklace & Bracelet) HUD
                                                  Dress Delirium Style  Mortica Pencil Elegant Black ( NEWWW)
                                                  Bag #187# Bling Silver  (NEWWW)
                                                  Shoes Macabre  Candy  Hight (NEWWW)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


                                                 MANIAC STORE (NEWW)
                                       Dress Maniac Store  Fashionata Black  
                                       Shoes  Pacagaia  Mary  Heels
                                       Pose   Vestige  Runaway  String (Project) Neww 
          Particpacion Model : Flavia Falodir

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


                                                         Hair Calico Annie (Neww) Hud Collor)
                                                         Jewerly set GeWunjo    Deva (Earing,Necklace& Bracelet) Neww
                                                         Outfit Ch's    Spring (Dress &Shoes) Neww
                                                          Pose Overlow  Pack 52 (Bunny) Neww

Monday, April 6, 2015


                                                             Hair Asset  Destiny
                                                             Jewelry  Set  GeWunjo   Deva  (Neww)
                                                             Outifth  Jayden STARS Fashion  (Incluid Handbang & Shoes)
                                                             Pose Vestige  Runaway  String (Project) Neww

Sunday, April 5, 2015


                                                  Hair Tameless   Abia (HUD)
                                                  Luna Cocoches  Black & Pink  (Hud Applier)Neww
                                                  Pose  Overlow  Pck 51 (New)
                                                  Horns INKSIDE TATTOOS  Uniissex Changer Hud
                                                  Blindfold  INKSIDE TATTOOS  w/ Cross - Textures Changer HUD

Saturday, April 4, 2015


                                             Hair Moon   Group Gift
                                             Bodysuite Maniac Store  Dregradado Purple  (Universal Hud Applier)
                                             Shoes  Bens Boutique  Gabriela Pumps Purple
                       Participacion Model : Flavia Falodir