Tuesday, March 31, 2015


                                              Beanie  Delirium Style  Attitude Studded (Hud) Neww
                                              Hair  Soonsiki  F.Bomb *Browns
                                              Lipgloss Appeal & Bracelet  A.K Body Shop Newww
                                              Outfit String Fashion  Unbuttoned Leather Vest & Skirt &Shoes Neww
                                              PixelStockings [I<3F]      [Exclusive BBB Fair]
                                              Pose Vestige  project Runaway Beautiful & Twisted


                                                 Pazzesq & Deer PELLE & MISSNOISE  Horns  Grey With Flower 
                                                 Hair .:.CoCoChes.:. Alina For Hud ( Newww)

                                                 Set Jewerly GeWunjo Keira  For Hud (Newww)
                                                 Jacket Рʀіиᴄᴇss D  Leather Pink (Newww)
                                                 Jeans FRESH   Cut Tied Black (Neww)
                                                 Whore BABYDOLL   Heels  Red (Neww)

Monday, March 30, 2015


                                                     Hair Asset  Blitz  Brown
                                                     Glasses #187# Aviator  (HUD)
                                                     Jewelry set Freya GeWunjo  (Earring& Necklace hud) NEWW
                                                     Outifti CoCoChes. Cutie - White (Omega,Eve,Doll,Lena,Tmp
                                                                                    Wowmeh.Slink) NEWW
                                                     Boots Supernatural        Mandalla Boots black   NEWW 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


                                        Cap Mirandario Revised Unisex (Hud Collor)
                                        Hair  Tameless Illiana (HUD) NEWW
                                        Bustier Furta Cor  Cropped Leather Pink NEWW
                                        Jewelry set  EMO-tions FLORIELLE (Earring,Necklace,Forearm,Hand)
                                        Pants InsomniaStore  Bow (Hud Collor) NEWW
                                        Shoes Lavian  Phoebe Heels  (HUD) NEWW

Friday, March 27, 2015


                                              Hair EMO-tions * WINDBLOWN 9 * Hud (NEWWW)
                                              Mask Chimeric  Tropical Wood Brown
                                              Ball Gag  INKSIDE TATTOOS Wit color changer Hud
                                              Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS Shooting Star  (Boob Applier)
                                              Outift Boob-lish    Viking Black Wolf Fur  (NEWWW)
                                              Boots Boob-lish     Over Knee Brown ( NEWWW)

Thursday, March 26, 2015


                           LOOK 1 >>>>>>> Mask Chimeric  Branching Skull  (Black & White)
                                                           Outift ADN  Fishnet Loving (Incluid Shoes) Hud APP
                          Participacion: Larissa Goulart Congrejo

                          LOOK 2 >>>>>>   Hair Tameless  Thyme (Hud) Neww
                                                          Necklace GeWunjo  Eleena Gold (hud)
                                                          Girl Doll (Skin, Shape and Mesh Head)  A.k Body shop Milk
                                                          Bodysuit PrincessD  Naughty  Black (Body Hud)
                                                          Shoes Twisted Glam  Kesha Heels Magenta/Gold

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


                     LOOK 1 >>>>> Hair Tameless  Octavia  Blonde (Hud Fades,Fantasy ,Naturals)
                                                 Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS  All seeing eye with lolas applier        
                                                 Mini Set BABYDOLL.  Net Black  (Ass App,Top App )
                                                 Ring # 187 #       Dishonored Heart  (Hud)
                                                 Shoes  BABYDOLL  Whore Heels
                                                 Pose Vestige  Female Shoes

                   LOOK 2 >>>>>  Hair Tameless  Sweet (Hud Fades,Fantasy,Naturals)
                                                Top Fresh the nipples  [ FREE ]
                                                Latex Panties [I<3F] [50 Shades of Lust] [Exclusive]
                                                Shoes Twisted Glam  Kesha Heels Grey/Gold


                 LOOK 1 >>>>> Hair Tameless  Lorna (Hud Fades,Fantasy ,Naturals)
                                            Bodysuit Fresh  TouchMe Pink (Hud Omega,Lola)
                                            Shoes Lavian  Clara Heels (Hud)
                                            Pose Vestige  runaway Beautiful

               LOOK 2>>>>>  Hair Tameless Sweet  (Hud Fades,Fantasy ,Naturals) Neww
                                          Necklace GeWunjo Eleena Gold (Hud)
                                          Hot Night A.k Body Shop  Group Gift
                                          Shoes Lavian  Penny Heels (Hud)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


                                                 LOOK 1 >>>>> Hair Asset  Melly  Blondes
                                                                             Skin A.k Body Shop Angelina (Hud Applier)
                                                                             Outift [FORMIS DESIGNE]  THAIS (Incluid;
                                                                                         Dress,Sandals,Sunglasses )
                                                                              Pose Vestige  runaway beautiful

                                               LOOK 2 >>>>> Hair  Asset Sassy Brown (New)
                                                                           Skin Ͼ H Я I S T Λ L * Ͼ Я E Λ T I O N S      T6
                                                                                   (Special Edition) Skin Hud,Hud Omega,Eve
                                                                           Top Eyelure   Ruffle Crop   PurpleDot
                                                                           Leggings  • eyelure •       Tight    White
                                                                           Shoes BABYDOLL.        Whore Heels Purple (NEW)
                                                                           Pose Vestige  Twisted 9


                                              Hair Pelle  ELOISE MESH Brown (Neww)
                                               Jewelry Set GeWunjo LissaNe (Earring,Neckale ,Incluid:Hud) New
                                               Outift  Gaal Hip (Sandals ,Hud Changer) New

Monday, March 23, 2015


                                                       Hair Asset  Melly  Browns
                                                       Skin Ͼ H Я I S T Λ L * Ͼ Я E Λ T I O N S  Aphrodite - T6
                                                                (Special Edition) Skin Hud,Hud Eve,Hud Omega
                                                       Dress Mirandario  Black Cheetah (Neww)
                                                       Shoes  Lavian Amanda Heels Hud Collor
                                                       Pose Luxury  Couple 1

 Participacion: Leonhard Goulart


         LOOK 1 >>>>> Hair Tameless  Lona  Red (Hud Fades,Fantasy,Naturals)
                                    Blouse Vips creations Girl  (5size)
                                    Dress PrincessD  Lena  Night ( Black)
                                    Boots Lavian  Classico (Hud Texture)
                                    Pose Vestige  mili2

       LOOK 2 >>>> Hair Tameless  Celine (Hud Fades,Fantasy,Naturals)
                                Blindfold INKSIDE TATTOOS    Crosses (Hud)
                                Say What Lavian  You Whant  (Hud Texture)
                                Shoes House of Shoes  Avery Leather Heels SLINK High (Hud)


                          Outift LoveCats Oacoma Ladies (Incluid:Chaps,Jeans,Top,Hat,Boots,Necklace,
                                                                                  Bracelet, (Tmp Appliers,Omega,Phat Azz,Tango)
                            Hair Asset  Prince (Hud Collor)
                            Pose Vestige moving f1

Saturday, March 21, 2015


                                       Hair  enVOGUE Clarissa Darck Brown
                                       Outfit A.k Body Shop I Love Black (Incluid;Ears Cuffs,Jacket,Heels Slink
                                                                                                  Garter,Hud Appliers,Hud Tmp ) New
                                       Necklace :EMO-tions Selina New
                                       Bag Luxury  Sasha (Hud) New

Friday, March 20, 2015


                                Hair EMO-tions *PEGGY* (Incluid HairBase&Hud) Neww
                                Blindfold INKSIDE TATTOOS  Unissex  Crosses (Hud) New
                                Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS All seeing eye Boob Applier
                                Top [I<3F]     Cheeky Lace Black  ( Omega ) New
                                Pants Fresh Camo Jeans *black* (OmegaApp) Neww
                                Collage Luxury  Clutch w/Hud Unisex  New
                                Shoes [LaVian&C0] Clara Heels (Hud Collor) New


Thursday, March 19, 2015


                                              Hair Cocoches  Alexis  New Generation Blonde (Hud)
                                              Eyes Cocoches  Eternity  Brown Pale  Neww
                                             Skin, Shape and Mesh Head A.k Body Shop Milk   Blonde Eyebrown
                                              Bodysuit Supernatural  Black Pandora (Tmp) New
                                              Jewelry set GeWunjo Maisy (Earring &Neckalce) Hud
                                              Shoes #187#  Aquarium Heel   Neww

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


                                         LOOK 1 >>> Hair Calico  Licia (Hud Collor)
                                                                Skin Pelle Elvira
                                                                Dress [LaVian&C0] Soul Deep
                                                                Shoes [LaVian&C0]Billini Bow Pumps Bagged (Hud)

                                       LOOK 2 >>>> Hair Pelle Nico
                                                                Skin A.K Body Shop Angelina (TMP)
                                                                 Jewelry set GeWunjo @ eXxEsS Lissane (Hud)
                                                                 Outfit Ͼ H Я I S T Λ L * Ͼ Я E Λ T I O N S * Romper
                                                                 White (Incluid Shoes)
                                                                  Pose Vestige RUNAWEY

Monday, March 16, 2015


                                     LOOK 1>>>>> Mask Chimeric  Mixed  Feather  Plume
                                                               Hair  !SOUL - HAIR - Ammolite
                                                               Snail Gatcha's Bubbles Green
                                                               Outfti ArianDesing Store Patrick`s (Incluid;Shoes)

                                   LOOK 2 >>>>> Hair Tameless  Dori Naturals (Group Gift)
                                                              Outfti Vips Creations Luck Girl,Slink Shoes
                                                              Pose Luxury Isis

Saturday, March 14, 2015


                                 LOOK 1>>>>> Hair !Soul with Pompom Hat (Hud Texture)
                                                           Skin Pelle  Elvira (Applier Incluid)
                                                           Top Fresh  Boobies  Blue_Hotpink New
                                                           Pants Hot Fuss "  "Teenage Riot" Black  Denim (New)
                                                           Shoes Mirandario Elegant Sandals Purple

                              LOOK 2>>>>> Hair Damselfly Free Group Gift
                                                        Skin Pelle Elvira (Applier Incluid)
                                                        Outfit Tameless Sassy Girl Red (Inluid;Necklace,Bracelet,Tatoo

Thursday, March 12, 2015


                                      Hair Tameless Beatrice - Naturals (Freebie)
                                      Mask Chimeric  Metalwork  Feathered (Green & Gold)
                                      Neckalce GeWunjo Lisanne (Hud)
                                      Lingerie CHRISTAL Vênus Exclusive for The BLACK DOT
                                      Shoes Vips Creations High Heel Slink Athena][Hud Option]
                                      PhotoStudio Vestige Little  Backdrop
                                      Participacion:Marcos Vinicius Bloguer SS Make Fashion

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


                          Hair  Envogue  Clarissa (Dark Browns)
                          Skin A.K Body Shop    Angelina Skin (TMP)
                           Eyes A.K Body Shop   Girl Doll Brown
                          Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS & STUFF    Serpentia (Boob Applier)
                          Bracelet A.K Body Shop     The Best In Black
                          Outfti [I<3F]   Oldstyle (The Black Dot Project)Bagg,Bagg Feet
                          Shoes [LaVian&C0]   Milano Pump Bagued

                         Participations: Aysha Katrinna Blauvelt Sponsor A.k Body Shop
                                                 Marcos Vinicius  Bloguer SS Make Fashion
                                                 Alejandro Direwytch  Sponsor INKSIDE TATTOOS & STUFF
                                                 Jota Vico  Bloguer SS Make Fashion
                                                 Mirandario Sponsor Mirandario


     LOOK 1 >>>>>>>>> Hair Calico Licia (Hud Collor) Neww
                                         Skin Pelle  Elvira (Applier Incluid) New
                                         Outfit Vips Creations Animals[Hud Option] Incluid:Shoes New

   LOOK 2>>>>>>>>> Hair Damselfly Group Gift
                                      Sunglasses  Kralus  Just Beachie Black
                                      Jacket String Red Spice
                                      Jeans A.k Body Shop Basic (TMP)
                                      Shoes CHRISTAL High Heel Red (Exclusive)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


                                          LOOK 1 >>>>> Hair Tamelles  Abela (Hud Collor)
                                                                     Dress [I<3F] Bondmaid Black
                                                                     Shoes [LaVian&C0] Alice Heels (Hud Collor)

                                      LOOK 2>>>>> Hair Tameless  Raya (Hud Collor)
                                                                Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS & STUFF Octopus Boob Apllier
                                                                Hands Chain&Piercing DM

Monday, March 9, 2015


                                            Cap # 187 #  Blue  New
                                            Hair Asset  Maska Hair NEW
                                            Tatoo INKSIDE TATTOOS & STUFF Serpentia  Boob Applier
                                            Ring -# 187 #    Dishonored Heart Neww
                                            Pants -# 187 # Swappy Blue Tartan Unissex NEW
               Participacion: Marcos Vinicius   Bloguer SS Make Fashion


      LOOK 1 >>>>>>> Outfti Stars Fashion Pandora (Jacket,Dress,Boots,Handbang)
                                      Hat * Xen's Hats Evening Shade Black
                                      Hair  !SOUL  Ammolite

     LOOK 2>>>>>>>> Hair Pelle ELV MESH (Black) Newwwwwwwwwwww
                                      Outfti ADN SENTINEL (Catsuit,piercing,Rigged Choker,Shoes,Tigh)HUD

Saturday, March 7, 2015


                                                         Hair Tamelles   Thyme (HUD COLLOR) NEWW
                                                         Top [LaVian&C0] Listen to your Heart
                                                         Shirt Supernatural Teslla pink
                                                         Pants Supernatural Teslla Black
                   Participacion:Marcos Vinicius   Bloguer>>> SS MAKE FASHION

Friday, March 6, 2015


                                LOOK 1 >>>> Mask Chimeric  Caverd Wood White
                                                         Jewelry set GeWunjo @ eXxEsS Stella (Earring,Necklace HUD)
                                                         Seductive A.K Body Shop  Witch Black  (TMP)
                               LOOK 2 >>>> Mask Chimeric    Flower Red 
                                                        Body  Anastasia Supernatural    Red TMP