Saturday, October 31, 2015

#421# Xen's Hats & Chimeric & Urban Street & Futacor & #187# HosOfShoes

                                                 Bogart Xen's Hats  Fedora Mesh White
                                                 Mask Chimeric   Ragged Black
                                                 HalloNeck  Urban Street Black  Ultra-Rare (Hud Applier) Gacha
                                                 Legging  Furtacor Touch But Don  t Bite  My Pumpkim (Hud Applier)
                                                 Boots HosOfShoes   Kimy Tal Leather  (Hud)
                                               Login Sl: Celinawx

Friday, October 30, 2015

#420# Chemical & Missnoise Style & Houseofshoes & Overlow Poses

                                                      Hat Funeral Chemical (Premiun Only Event)  With Veil Spider
                                                      Dress Chemical (Premium Only Event) Dolly  With Hud
                                                      Hair[Entwined]   Ivy Black
                                                      Big Bag Missnoise_style   Black _Beije  Leather
                                                      Boots Plataform HosOfShoes   Ankie Slink _Hight (Hud)
                                                      Pose Overlow   Pct 22-2
                                               Facebook: Celina
                                               Login SL: Celinawx

#419# L Armoire & Missnoise Style & Lavian & Overlow

                                                                Hat L'Armoire   Mafia Red
                                                                Dress  Missnoise_style Tha Rock Mesh Kiss (Neww)
                                                                Heels Lavian  Laura  Right Black Lace
                                                                Pose Overlow   Pck 25-5
                                                       Facebook: Celina
                                                       Login Sl: Celinawx

Thursday, October 29, 2015

#418# Lavian & HouseOfShoes & Overlow & Gewunjo

                                                      Hair Envolgue
                                                      Jewerly Set Gewunjo   Joline (Hud) Neww
                                                      Dress Lavian  Essentials Hod me (Hud) Neww
                                                      High Heels HouseOfShoes  Slink  Benita (Hud)
                                                      Pose Overlow   Pct 25
                                              Facebook: Celina
                                              LoginSl: Celinawx

#417# All Hanna & Come Soon & Tameless

                                            Outfit Witch All Hanna  Costume (Neww)
                                            Pose Full Scene Come Soon   Witch Time 4
                                            Hair Tameless  Indigo (All Colours)
                                     Facebook: Celina
                                     LoginSl: Celinawx

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#416# em@il & Tameless & Chemical & BellePoses

                                               Hair Tameless   Vanity (All Colours)
                                               Mini Dress em@il  Black  Regina (Neww) Hud Applier
                                               Heels Chemical   Grave Black
                                               Pose Belle Poses   Paula
                                   Facebook: Celina
                                   LoginSl: Celinawx

#415# Supernatural & Pelle & Pizazz & #187# & Urban Street & Delirium & Overlow Poses

                                                             Headpiece Supernatural   Exclusive Freak Snow Gacha Carniva
                                                             Hair Pelle   Martine Black
                                                             Lipstick Dramatic Pizazz  13 For Lelutka Head Mesh
                                                             Tatoo Urban Street  The Cross *Hud Applier
                                                             Scarf Jewel #187#  Limited Zoodic (Hud)
                                                             Pants Delirium   Bianca (Hud) Neww
                                                             Pose Overlow  Pck 23
                                                     Facebook: Celina
                                                     LoginSl: Celinawx

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#414# Tameless & Lollipop & #187# & Overlow Poses

                                                                Hair Tameless   Buffy (All Colours)
                                                                Tehany #187#  Set ( Headband & Wristband)
                                                                Soda #187#  Cup Pink
                                                                Top & Short Lollipop   Candy Pink (Hud Applier) Neww
                                                                Pose Overlow   Pck 24
                                                       Facebook : Celina
                                                       LoginSl: Celinawx

#413# Pelle & LoveCats & Overlow Poses

                                                       Hair Pelle   Love Platinum
                                                       Outfit Lovecats  Jalilah  Black (Bracelet,Necklace,Slink Hight
                                                                                         Top & Bottons Black) Neww
                                                       Pose Overlow  Pck  21
                                               Facebook : Celina
                                               LoginSl: Celinawx

Monday, October 26, 2015

#412# CCV & Gewunjo & Overlow poses

                                                                Hair Entwine  Ivy
                                                                Jewerly Set Gewunjo   Lucy (Diadem,Earring,Necklace)Hud
                                                                Outfit  CCV  Angel White (Included Heels & Hud Applier)
                                                                Pose Overlow  Pck 11
                                                     Facebook: Celina
                                                     LoginSl: Celinawx

#411# Adn & Vestige & Calico

                                               Outfit ADN Gothica  Mesh ( Collar,Piercing Nose,Piercing Face Pierc
                                                                                   Pentagran Face,Headband,Boots,Bracelet (New)
                                               Hair Calico   Helaine (All Colours)
                                               Pose Vestige   Valsinia 4 (Neww)
                                          Facebook: Celina
                                          Login Sl: Celinawx

Sunday, October 25, 2015

#410# Adn & Emotions e Come Soon Showroom Event Exclusive

                                                                  Hair  Emotions  Eden 2 (All Colours)
                                                                  Outfit ADN  Seductress  (Appliers Incl) Collar,
                                                                               Nose piercing,Pentagram,,Piercings, Headband,
                                                                                Boots (Neww)
                                                                  Pose Full Scene Come Soon Event Showroom  Exclusive
                                                                Facebook : Celina
                                                                LoginSl: Celinawx

Saturday, October 24, 2015

#409# Asset & Chemical & Emotions & Gewunjo & Overlow Poses & [CCV]

                                                             Hair Asset   Cyber (All Colours)
                                                             Time Emotions   On My Side (Neww)
                                                             Belly  Gewunjo  Chain Ada (Hud)
                                                             Outfit  [CCV]   Destiny Black ( Hud Applier) Neww
                                                             Pose Overlow   Pack 20
                                                         Facebook : Celina 
                                                         Login Sl: Celinawx

Friday, October 23, 2015

#408# ADN & BellePoses

                                                        Hair  Pink Hustler
                                                        Outifti Mesh ADN  Lolitagoth ( Harness,Nose piercing,
                                                                              Pentagran Face,Bracelet,Spiked Headband,
                                                                               Boots Slink ) Neww
                                                       Pose BellePoses Mariana ( Water  Bottle 2)
                                                Facebook : Celina  
                                                LoginSl: Celinawx

Thursday, October 22, 2015

#407# Gewunjo & Supernatural & Icons Of Style

                                                           Hair  [LoQ'ue] Lager
                                                            Jewelry set Gewunjo  Thea (Earring & Necklace & Bracelete)
                                                            Lingerie  Red Supernatural  . J'adore (Hud Applier) Neww
                                                            Time Emotions  On My Side (Neww)
                                                            Pose Icons Of Style  The Blox With 35 Poses 3 Av (Neww)
                                                 Facebook : Celina
                                                 Login Sl: Celinawx

#406# Tameless & Inkside Tatoo & Pizazz & Chemical & Urban Street & Furtacor & Delirium & Overlow & Emotions

                                                      Hair Tameless   Zoe (All Colours)
                                                      Crown of Thorns Inkside Tatoo   (Hud) Neww
                                                      Lipstick Pizazz  Dramatic For Lelutka Head Mesh
                                                      Necklace Emotions  *GENESIS * silver/black
                                                      Tatoo Urban Street  DirtyBroken (Hud Applier) Neww
                                                      Vest  Chemical  Pandora (Hud) Neww
                                                      Skirt Furtacor  Mandala Rock Exclusive (Hud)
                                                      Plataforms Delirium (Fashion is nothing without People  Cat (New)
                                                      Pose Overlow  Pck 69 (Neww)
                                             Facebook: Celina
                                             LoginSl : Celinawx

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#405# Pelle & Lavian & Overlow Poses & HouseOfShoes & Xen's Hats

                                                             Hat * Xen's Hats  Texhoma Cowboy Black
                                                             Hair Pelle  EVE MESH  BROWN
                                                             Outift Lavian  Essentials Tears In The Rain Bag (Neww)
                                                             Boots House of Shoes Kimi Tall Leather (Hud)
                                                             Pose Overlow  Pck 68 (Neww)
                                               Facebook: Celina
                                               LoginSL: Celinawx

#404# Chimeric & String Fashion & Come Soon & Precious Tatoo # 187#

                                                                Mask  Chimeric Viking  Helm Black (Neww)
                                                                Tatoo Precious   S5-05 (Hud Applier) Neww
                                                                Nipple #187#  Covers  Silver
                                                                Jeans String Fashion   Unbuttoned Black Applier Edition
                                                                Pose Full Scene Come Soon   Witch Time 1
                                                      Facebook: Celina
                                                      LoginSl: Celinawx

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#403# Emotions & Furtacor & Delirium & Belle Poses

                                                 Hair  Emotions  Agneta (All Colours)
                                                 Cardigan   Furtacor Crazy  Classic (Hud ) Neww
                                                 Sweatpants  Delirium  Vick Mega Bom W Hud ( Neww)
                                                 Pose Belle Poses  Gamer Couple 5
                                          Facebook: Celina
                                          LoginSl: Celinawx

#402# Come Soon & Emotions & #187# & Delirium & String Fashion

                                                     Hair Emotions   Neneh (All Colours)
                                                     Sweater Delirium    Danii w (Hud) Neww
                                                     Pants  String Fashion  Extreme Freak  Applier Edition (Neww)
                                                     Guitar #187#   Case  Vintage  Ultrarare (Gacha)
                                                     Pose Come Soon   Full Scene  Witch Time 5 (Phone)Neww
                                            Facebook : Celina
                                            LoginSl : Celinawx

Monday, October 19, 2015

#401# Tameless & Mirus & Furtacor & Gewunjo & Pizazz

                                                          Hair Tameless   Illiana (All Colours)
                                                          Lipstick Pizazz Lips  For Lelutka Head Mesh
                                                          Jewerly Set Gewunjo    Amanta (Necklace,Earring ,bracelete)
                                                                                                          Hud (Neww)
                                                          Outfit Mirus    Luna Lace Hud (Fitted Mesh & Rigged) Neww
                                                           Shoes Furtacor Cindy Belleza & Slink
                                                Facebook: Celina

#400# Dakota na Moda & Chimeric & Come Soon

                                                                 Mask Chimeric  Fashions Flower
                                                                 Outift Dakota Na Moda  Diabolik (Included: Body Red,
                                                                                                Necklace ,Worn,Wing,Tail, Bracelet,
                                                                                                Shoes Slink Mid,Hud applier Omega)
                                                                 Pose Come Soon  Its Haloween Bitch
                                                          Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                                          LoginSl: Celinawx

Friday, October 16, 2015

#399# Tameless & #187# Dakota Modas & Come Soon

                                                           Hair  Tameless  Buffy (All Colours)
                                                           Mask #187#   Chir Toxic
                                                           Outfit  Death Dakota Na Moda  (Included:  Skirt & Bracelet &
                                                                                  Hat & Shoes & Bag  Choker & Hud Applier
                                                            Pose  Come Soon  Full Scene Freak Night
                                               Facebook: Celina Kitai
                                               Login Sl : Celinawx

Thursday, October 15, 2015

#398# Emotions & #187# Come Soon

                                                      Hair Emotions  . * ROSI * ALL COLOURS
                                                      Sweater #187#  Loose Orange (Neww)
                                                      Bag #187# Round Dots  CMP (Neww)
                                                      Leggings #187#  Leopard Orange  (Hud Appliers) Neww
                                                      Heels Slink #187#  Gangsta CMP (Exclusive)
                                                      Pose Full Scene  Come Soon    Follow The Cat (Neww)
                                              Facebook: Celina Kitai
                                              LoginSl: Celinawx

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#397# Chemical & Come Soon Poses

                                                    Dress Chemical   Sorcery (Neww)
                                                    Pose Full Scene Come Soon   Little Suprise (Neww)
                                       Facebook: Celina Kitai

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#396# Emotions & Chimeric & Awear& Come Soon

                                                    Hair Emotions *ASHANTI* -BRUNETTE  (ALL COLOURS)
                                                    Mask Chimeric  Fashions Mage (Black)
                                                    Litle Vamp Awear  Sex  (Top,Skirt,Colar,Heels) Hud App(Neww)
                                                    Pose  Scene Full Come Soon Freak (Halowenn)Neww
                                              Facebook : Celina Kitai
                                              Login Sl:Celinawx